Membership Levels

Membership is valid 1st January to 31st December, paid annually.

In your first year it will be pro rata according to when you register.                                                                      

Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. 

  1. On-Line: facility in Member Area of the Academy Website: Payments will be made to the Academy in Euro and will be debited to your card in your own currency. 

This is the preferred, quickest and most cost effective way to pay your subscription

  1. Bank Transfer (BACS): instruct your bank to transfer the invoiced amount in EURO to Irish bank as detailed on the invoice. IMPORTANT: you, the member, will require to pay the cost of transfer, please ensure you chose this option when making payment via your bank.
Level Price  
Individual €100.00 now. Select
Professional Organizations €500.00 now. Select
Corporate Organization €500.00 now. Select
Educational Organization €375.00 now. Select
Student/ Post Graduate €50.00 now. Select
European Diploma Student €25.00 now. Select
Affiliate Member Free Select
Fellowship Fee €250.00 now. Select
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